Piotr Kałuski



born November 8th 1966 in Warsaw Poland

I graduated in Warsaw University of Technology in Faculty of Electrical Engineering and before, 44th High School in Warsaw. I used to spend my university holidays, working in Finland on constructions sites. I liked it there and I found a job in Finland in corporation called IVO, today Fortum. I worked there 5 years and then I worked 12 years in Finnish part of company called Tellabs, now renamed to Coriant as specialist. I also met Elina in Finland.

From the first years of primary school, I spent vacations in the countryside and since then I was always drawn to nature, cities seemed to be an artificial, not suitable for habitation. Therefore, my current hobby is horseback riding for the first time on a horse rode alone at the age of eight years. All our family members ride horses nowadays. My favourite sport was fencing during school and university time. I was fence over 14 years in club called SKS Warszawianka. Fencing is a hall sport and now I am trying to spend more time with children, outside, so horses are great break from work and nice way to spend time with family. Our another hobby is visiting Kałuski family annual Reunions, it is a pity; they are only once a year! And especially pity, that the last Reunion was arranged two weeks after school started in Finland, therefore we were not present at 2012 Reunion. Anyway, holidays 2012 brought changes in our family. We received information, our riding school, where we had ridden last 4 or 5 years will be closed and horses are on sale. After short discussion with Dominika and Daniel we decided to buy two our favourite horses: Jussi and Solo, we are happy owners of two middle-aged, but well behaving and very friendly horses still able to carry such a fat guy, like me. Jussi is not with us anymore, but Solo is really nice and having energy! Some pictures in gallery below.

I am also present in Facebook, Nasza Klasa and Linked in.